Do's & Dont's

Points to Remember During Stay with Us
  • Customer Responsibility:
    • Water Supply is Scarce in Hilly Areas. Hence washing clothes, wasting water etc. is strictly prohibited.
    • Use of Electric Iron, Induction Cooktop, Emersion Rod etc. is strictly prohibited. If caught using the same, the gadget would be confiscated & a fine may be imposed.
  • Customer Liability:
    • The guest is solely responsible for the security of all their belongings such as Gadgets, Cash, Jewellery etc. Our Hotel Management or Staff will not be liable for claim under any circumstances for the same.
    • Any damage/breakage of infrastructure in the Room or in the Hotel Premises will be liable for Monetary Penalty on the Guest at the discretion of the Hotel Management.
  • For Security:
    • Our staff will pick & transport your luggage in your presence.
    • Our room staff will not enter your room for cleaning etc. without your presence.
    • For Safety & Security of your belongings, we suggest you to keep your respective Room(s) locked in your absence.